Top 40 Richest in Malaysia

Discover the top 40 richest in Malaysia.
Will you be the next on broad??:P

Top 40 Details

4 Responses to Top 40 Richest in Malaysia

  1. Vincent says:

    Interesting, but it’s just way to hard to read. Any clearer picture? So far(as I can read) non of them can afford YouTube,1.6b, haha.

  2. wiwiwawa says:

    Actually,click on the image,
    then you could get larger view…
    Thanks for visiting 😛

  3. Vincent says:

    I can’t. Actually, it isn’t good to link image directly from your mailbox. Downloading to your PC and upload it again should be the best choice. If you can’t upload it to your blog’s server, there’s a free good one at


  4. wiwiwawa says:

    Oh , is it?? Thanks for telling that.

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