Veni, Vidi, Vici !!

November 23, 2006

“……Caesar went to the Middle East, where he annihilated King Pharnaces II of Pontus in the battle of Zela; his victory was so swift and complete that he commemorated it with the words Veni, vidi, vici (“I came, I saw, I conquered”). ……”


Everyone has a dream. You had, and I had too.Regardless what are you dream of, we all has the rights to pursue it.We all deserved to make our dreams come true.Althrough, that’s a lot of obstacles that comes into life, pump in between the routes to STOP us for achieving our goals.

With Believe, With Determination, With Persistances, With 4Cs,We are on the proceed to CONQUER!!

Whatever you saw in your dreams, you can make it real, if you dare to CONQUER it !!

” I COME , I SEE , I CONQUER” -> Yes, you can do it!


November 23, 2006

I believed that many of us are interesting on Internet Marketing.

Since the boom was released since many years ago [and the .DotCom BOom will be ending soon, undertaken by the GDI-ws atomic boom]. The usage of Internet become more and more common and I do believe that Internet will become essential for every single family now nor in the future. The market is dramastically huge!

However, I found that our country are left far behind. Research shows that the broadband market in Malaysia is just 4% of the pie. While, many Malaysian is still using Dial-up. You can imagine the situation and the market here.(still the global market is not being counted yet) .Once, I want to search information on Internet Marketing, what could I found within Malaysia is merely the eOneNet. This company maybe the only one company in Malaysia which provided coaching & course of the Internet Marketing.As from my previous articles, I did mention that I attend for the first blogger seminar in Malaysia that lauched by this company. Althrough it was just a preview,yet the seminar is fascinating. In order to go along with they coaching, you definately have to pay for the price.

One of the gurus[Gobala Krishnan] claims that you may get FREE information from the Internet of building the incredible business if only you have more time than money. They passed through the obstacles and they invested lots of money in order to learn from the mistaken. Finally, they are succeed.Hence, it is reasoable for you pay for gaining the valueable experience from one of the most successful Internet Gurus. Fair and Square!However, no many of us will affordable for the coaching. Especially, to youngster and those who have no/less budget in creating online business.

I had a strong desired to be succeed in this business. I afraid that it was not too late for me to involve in the big sharing pie. This is one of the purpose I setup this blog for. For those who has same dreams with me, for those who has less financial condition in starting the business.Here, I would share the diary from where and how I start the business. I was totally in starting stage now, I will tell you what and how was my progress in starting the business. I would tell you the truth, regardless of it was success or failure. I do not know about that yet, but soon I will discovered. Let’s start the JOURNEY TO THE SUCCESS.



November 18, 2006

此狐指的是目前人气急升、红极一时的Mozila Firefox(火狐)浏览器!当IE和Firebox 两大热门在激烈交战时,我已经在想当底Firebox 以怎能以高姿态稳占上风?在早期也尝试用firebox,因为不太了解它是怎样操作和不懂得利用extension 和add-ons 的情况下, 觉得他不过是浪的虚名而已。

可是在慢慢钻究下, 那种魅力让你不可能不会爱上它。试试explore 它的extension吧!蛮有趣的…冲浪快乐!(其实蛮想写写它的教学,可是原谅我, 我实在有点懒) :p

Download Firefox Here

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一个在马来西亚卖老鼠的女超人 VS 一场网络讲座

November 17, 2006


对我来说是个很重要的日子。为什么?因为,我将出席一场期待已久,在Malaysia 第一场blogger Internet Success Seminar。在经济条件近乎崩溃的边缘下,恨下心肠用RM40买了入门票。

要强调的是,Rm40对我来说实在很重要。假如让我那远在kampong的好友知道我用RM40来听讲座的话,换来的或许是几声冷笑。但,为了不甘平凡、为了追逐那在许多人眼中恐怕是好高骛远的梦。 我豁了出去。

带着3分欣赏、3分嫉妒、3分期许加1分好奇的心情见证这场讲座,见识这个女子如何在短短六年的时间叱咤风云。老实说,讲座会的内容不算丰富,可能是因为大部分的讯息我己经老早知道了。对于我来说真的太笼统、太general, 原以为这是workshop seminar, 奈何却只是个briefing/preview。或许,下一场才是我应该attend 的。可是我的wallet 应经近乎失血过多的边缘。

所以,这场讲座对我来说买的不是知讯,而是看这个被喻为Malaysia’s SuperWomen 的女子凭什么可以在网络市场上享誉亚洲。(既然是搞网络的,小女子觉得应该是Spiderwomen比较合适。)无可厚非,她是个非常出色的演说家。凭着流利的英语、幽默淡定(steady)的谈吐、生动的body language,让讲座鲜少有冷场。

听完讲座,心里更加不平衡,一个non-IT literated 的女子居然能够卖老鼠(Wireless mouse)换来6位数的income。好一个Fion Tan!叫我这念网络的怎么甘心、怎么平衡?


Thurs,16-Nov,for me it is a very important day. Why? Because I will be attend First Blogger Internet Success Seminar, which has been long-awaited. Although it is almost on the verge of collapse in economic conditions, I have decided to buy the tickets with RM40.

I should emphasize that Rm40 is very important to me, since I’m quite calculative. Hehe…… Perhaps it will make some jeers in return if my kampong’s gangs discovered my silly action. In the eyes of many people, it may be far-fetched dream. However, I’ve decided to get into the door. I know there’s who already makes it real.

With admires, jealousy, awaited, plus curiosity, I would like to discover how this women can be so successful in a short span of six years time. Frankly, the talk is not as rich as I thought, probably because most of the messages are too vague and too general. I thought that this might be a workshop seminar. But this seems more to a briefing/preview. Perhaps I should attend the next one. Poorest, my wallet should be on the verge of almost excessive bleeding.

To me, the Seminar is more to discover how she has been hailed as Malaysia ‘s SuperWomen (Since it is a network business, Spiderwomen women should be more appropriate :P) and well-know with her marketing skills in Asia-Pasific; rather than getting any details from the talk. Understandable. She is a very good orator. With her fluent English, humor (steady) remarks, vivid body language, it really spice-up the talk.

After hearing the talk, my heart getting more uneven. A none IT-literate woman was able to sell wireless mouse for uncountable profits in return. But why not to me, an IT-literate graduates with major in Networking. What a shame!